From First to Worst: Shame In the Poker Blogger Tourney

“Losing doesn’t eat at me the way it used to. I just get ready for the next play, the next game, the next season.”
–Troy Aikman
The shame. The humiliation. The second poker blogger tourney took place last night, and I had a blast… for the 10 minutes I survived. That’s right, yours truly busted out first– 28th out of 28, after racing out to an early chip lead. I caught two straights in the first orbit, and was able to bluff my way up to 2700 chips with AK to take a commanding chip lead right out of the blocks. I figured I could play tight and coast to the next table, playing only premium hands and mucking everything else.
Of course I picked up QQ in the small blind, and reraised Jason, who had thrown out a small raise from early position. He called, and when the flop came J-rag-rag, he bet out. I put him on AJ, and reraised a little to see where I was at. Jason went all-in, and I called…
True’s instantaneous-all-in went by in a flash, but I did manage to see that Jason did indeed have AJ, and caught his third Jack on the turn, and my stack was halved, back to 1300. Ah well… “that’s poker”.
Back to square 1. The very next, hand, I picked up AJ spades on the button. Someone in middle position raised 3X the BB, and I called, wanting to see a flop. The flop came A-club-club, and the better put out a baby bet, which I called. I put him on AK, and I figured if my jack hit I’d get paid off handsomely. Sure enough, the jack came on the turn, although it was the third club on the board. He bet, and I pushed all in, representing the flush and confident that my 2 pair was best.
Of course, he had AA and I was gone in a flash.
That’s the third time in my last 3 tourneys that I’ve been knocked out by AA. What are the odds?
I was somewhat comforted by the fact that Iggy was the next to fall, joining me in the shame of the early exit.
The final table was exciting, and features a lot of bluff steals by both big-stacked Pauly and short-stacked Felicia. If I could get have the respect that Felicia gets, I might have gotten 27th instead of 28th.
Congrats to Otis (Up for Poker), my man Chris Halverson, Pauly, Stick and Move, and Felicia for their excellent play and ability to last more than 3 orbits.
Some of the highlights for me were the Grubby vs. Grubette brother-sister battle, with the two of them coming over the top of each other several times. A little sibling rivalry always gets the chips moving. I also enjoyed BG’s comeback from a short stack to get himself in position to win the tourney.
Next time I’ll try to last till the 5th orbit.

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