Hit me Paris

Thanks to everybody for the comments about the Vegas trip. I especially enjoyed TFG’s take:

How could you not let the fat girls buy you a drink? That’s bad karma,
dude. They would have been talking about it for years.

When I’m sitting at the WPT final table it will be a shame if those girls
have to say “We tried to buy that guy a drink!”. Unfortunately I probably
destroyed my only chance of making it by ruining my karma.

Back to reality… I busted out 6th last night in a $30 SNG, but I don’t think
I played that badly. On the good side, I caught up with my old buddy R-DUB
(no relation), a rising poker star who’s tearing up the tourneys at a major
college campus. He’s a math major, and taking game theory courses, so his
game is only going to get better. Anyway, just after I sat down R-DUB appeared
across the table, which I was not happy about, but at least I’d be losing my chips
to someone I liked.

The table was pretty tight, and with 6 players left I had 1100 chips. I think
I’d won 2 hands, and stole a couple blinds. I got A8o one off the button
(blinds at 200/400), and when everybody folded to me I popped it up 600,
hoping for everyone to fold. But R-Dub on the SB pushed in the rest of his chips,
and was all in for 600. Not a good sign, especially when the board came K T 5
Q 9 (why can’t party show the all-ins right away? it really annoys me), and
R-Dub took down 1200 chips with KQo.

In the BB I got to see a free flop with K3o, and when the flop came T 3 6, I
pushed in and collected 400 more chips to get me back to 800 when everybody
folded. The BB was 400, so I needed to catch a hand, and immediately got
pocket tens in the SB. Everyone folded to me, and I couldn’t have been happier
to push my chips in, hoping the BB would call what looked like a steal and
I could double up. BB called all in for 400 more, and the flop came Jh 8d 9h…
I like it! The turn was Th, giving me trips, but putting the heart flush out there…
and the river the 4h, and I figured the Ace of hearts would knock me out.

I would have been happier if he did have a flush? Guess the winner– Ad 7c for
the straight! Beautiful.

R-Dub went on to bust out in 4rth, so my chips didn’t even contribute to a
good cause. Ah well, at least I got my chips in when I was a BIG favorite.
I’m not really bitter.

After the tourney R-Dub offered up his Party SNG theory, which explains why the
$30 SNGs have the highest EV:

To win a SNG, you need to be able to steal some blinds
once it hits 100-200. You just can’t do it in the $10– even if I have the best of it,
my A8 gets beat by some dope with a KQ and you’re done. But in the 30’s, you’ve still
got enough loose players to go broke and make dead money, but once you get
down to 4 or 5, it’s 3 or 4 tight players which allows you steal and build up your
stack to put you in good position to win it.

I’m hoping R-Dub will start a blog, but I guess he’s too busy winning.

Poker Blog Patrol

As you see I’m experimenting with new colors. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten
to check out some new blogs, and there are a couple of good ones that I’m adding
to my daily list.

Londonfroggy pointed out "Poker & Devotion", a new blog from a
female poker dealer. You know you love poker when you can deal it 12 hours a day, play it,
and write about it.

Iggy introduced me to "Knowing When to Hold ‘Em", a new blog from a low-limit grinder and apparently a Kenny Rogers fan. I’m happy I get to follow a newcomers
progress as he overcomes the same challenges that I fought through.

OJ offers some great tales and insights to the middle limits. He’s honest and he plays in games in my area, so he’s on my daily list.

As far as the old timers go, I am very grateful to Chris Halverson, who had
the time to copy and mail the WSOP on DVD. It arrived in the mail today, so
my non-espn-getting ass finally gets to see the whole tourney. I’ve seen bits
and pieces while playing at Hollywood Park, but it will be nice to see the
Moneymaker run in all of its glory. Thanks Chris! Hopefully that’ll give you
some karma and unfreeze the cards you’re getting.

Liquid Swords has been on a terrible run, but the good news is that he’ll be working on his Poker Comics while he rests his mouse finger.

The Grubster continues his insane dedication to the $5-10 shorthanded games, which in my opinion are the toughest games on Party. He also let me know that
he’ll be in town in a few weeks, so I’m going to have to drop the hammer on
him at the lovely Hawaiian Gardens casino. The hammer challenge is now up to
$15, so it’s still a losing proposition, but hopefully I’ll get another crack
at it tonight.

Pauly is booking tickets for Phish in Vegas. That sounds like a bad combination to me. Maybe they’ll jam with Celine in the Colosseum.

Londonfroggy is back representing the Brits with multiple daily blogs.

Felicia took 4rth in a 50 player NL tourney, and continues to gain points towards getting in the WPT. I hope she makes it, even if she’s not quite as
hot as the sexy Hon Le.

Boy Genius continues write pages and pages of quality material, and nearly took the precious hammer down. I can barely keep up, but don’t miss his great
and wide ranging posts.

TFG nearly chopped off his thumb, hopefully not out of spite– I know I have
had the temptation when my mouse finger uncontrollably calls a check raise
with when the third flush card hits on the river.

Mean Gene continues his presidential campaign, but the rumor is that the Republicans are saying he’s too angry to be president. Apparently they have video of him
smashing his keyboard after losing to THE HAMMER.

And Royal gives tips on how to teach your newborn hold ’em while winning a $200 NL tourney qualifier.

Don’t you wish you lived near Beverly Hills?

I probably came as close to hitting the jackpot as I ever will walking to
lunch at work yesterday. As we were crossing the street, a black Mercedes
SUV rolled up, and I was staring at Paris Hilton, who was 2 feet in front of
me. I yelled to my co-worker "Push me in front of that car!", but the
driver sped up, and blew threw the stop sign before I could wedge myself under the tire.
Man that girl is ugly.

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