If you can’t spot the shark at the table…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in a game with 9 fish? Can you even conceive of it? Well friends, I am here to tell you that I played in such a game. Saturday night on the Cali-Nevada state line, there was a fish fry in the poker room.

The things that went on at that table had to be seen to be believed, and I’ll do my best to recount them, but I really wish I had a digital video camera with me as imit games are spread limit. There is a single $2 blind, and you can bet/raise anywhere from $2 to $6 at any time. My previous experience with spread limit (at the Excalibur) had made me dislike the game– tight play is extremely important, because it may cost you 3 times the BB to see the flop. Usually after the flop the number of players is widdled down to 2, since pot odds for draws are terrible. So I went into the game not expecting to win much, but at least it’s still poker.

If you read my previous post, you’ll remember that the gambling day started off horribly with the heartbreaking miss of the under in the Carolina-St.Louis game, followed by dropping a couple of bills on slots. I was hoping to win a rack or two at most and get even for the night. I bought in for $100 and took my rack to the 3 seat in a table full of players aged 40-70, plus one middle aged guy wearing sunglasses and trying to look mean. I licked my chops. It was 10:30, and I was ready to ram and jam.

I folded my junk hand and watched the action progress. Chips were being thrown into the pot like Marc Bulger interceptions. A $2-6 action table? 5 players were in for 8 chips preflop. One player bet the max and 2 players called to the showdown. The bettor showed AK, for Ace high. Another showed KQ. The third took the $100 pot with Q4, pairing his 4 on the flop. Where am I?

I played tight for an orbit and finally picked up AJ. I raised it the max, and a player with 4 racks in front of him raised it $6 more up to $14. 2 callers. The flop was J rag rag, with no straight or flush draws. I bet out the max, and big stack guy just called this time. The turn was another rag, and big stack folded when I bet out. With that stack, he was either a maniac or a good player, and there was no way in hell this clown was any good. So his laydown irked me, but I raked in a sizable pot… maybe my luck had turned.

I told the wife that I might be here a while, and if I didn’t leave with a lot of money she should shoot me. In early position I checked my cards and saw only white. I squeezed the other and saw more white. Like staring into the whites of a tiger’s eyes, I almost smiled when I saw the single mark on each card. Rockets in this game? I resolved to offer a sacrifice when I made it home. I got 2 callers, and maniac reraised me. We capped it at $20 preflop, and took a poor sap in the middle along for the ride.

Flop was Q J rag, and I bet out the max and was reraised the max. Ok maniac, you got kings? AK maybe? Would you cap it with JJ? Or maybe QQ? Let’s find out… I reraised and he capped it at 20. No way, does he have the trips? I put on the brakes and called the rest of the way, and he said “you lose” as he flipped over his QUEENS and took $62 off of me, as I chided myself for the reraise on the flop. I guess I was hoping he had KK, but with two face cards out there, I could have been beaten by several hands. My wife told me not to worry about it, and as I bought another rack and looked around the table, I definitely wasn’t worried. There is no better formula for profit than a maniac surrounded by calling stations.

Not a good start. I was down almost $100 in a $2-6 game, where it’s tough to win money fast. Or so I thought…

Apologies for running out of steam, but the game took the energy out of me. I need to catch up on sleep…

Lots of great blogging going on out there– Grubby laid down the HAMMER CHALLENGE today, and now has taken his blog up to the next level with GRAPHICS. Grubs Hammer Challenge nearly knocked me out of my chair at work, and my co-workers gave me funny looks as I busted up at the genius and comedy of this challenge. I’m not making any guarantees, but the hammer is mine, all mine!

Mean Gene gets my vote– for quote of the day, with “when I bet out he folded like Superman on laundry day”. One of those joke grenades… it took me a minute to get it, then BOOM!

Iggy owes my employers probably 1/8th of my salary, as I spend a good chunk of every morning crawling through his links. The Fat Guy hypothesizes that Ignatious’ female party avatar reveals his true gender. Should we start calling him Iggamina?

In the strange dream department, I had a rambling journey last night in which I kept removing and replacing my nose. I found this:

“Seeing your own nose in your dream means a conscious effort to achieve whatever endeavor you chose to undertake. The nose represents energy, intuition, and wisdom. Alternatively, the nose symbolizes curiosity.”

So, have I lost my energy? Probably. Have I lost my curiousity? I hope not. I think not playing football is driving me insane.

Good luck on the tables and watch out for THE HAMMER!

***** Hand History for Game 330955410 *****
3/6 TexasHTGameTable (Limit) – Tue Jan 13 00:39:55 EST 2004
Table Card Room Table 3973 (Real Money)
— Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 10
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to hdouble [ 7d, 2h ]
glenda1960 calls (3)
jonkira calls (3)
dsscanuck folds.
alaskankid checks.
hdouble raises (6) to 6
gooseduck folds.
heyryn folds.
DRAMA_Q calls (6)
notchincorp calls (5)
Mona_Lot calls (3)
glenda1960 calls (3)
jonkira calls (3)
alaskankid calls (3)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7c, 2d, Qd ]
notchincorp bets (3)
notchincorp calls all-In.
Mona_Lot calls (3)
glenda1960 calls (3)
jonkira calls (3)
alaskankid calls (3)
hdouble raises (6) to 6
DRAMA_Q calls (6)
Mona_Lot calls (3)
glenda1960 raises (6) to 9
jonkira folds.
alaskankid folds.
hdouble raises (6) to 12
DRAMA_Q folds.
Mona_Lot calls (6)
glenda1960 calls (3)
Creating Main Pot with $60 with notchincorp
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Jh ]
Mona_Lot checks.
glenda1960 checks.
hdouble bets (6)
Mona_Lot calls (6)
glenda1960 calls (6)
** Dealing River ** : [ Ad ]
Mona_Lot checks.
glenda1960 bets (6)
hdouble calls (6)
Mona_Lot folds.
** Summary **
Main Pot: $60 | Side Pot 1: $60 | Rake: $3
Board: [ 7c 2d Qd Jh Ad ]
alaskankid balance $221, lost $9 (folded)
hdouble balance $116, lost $30 [ 7d 2h ] [ two pairs, sevens and twos — Ad,7d,7c,2h,2d ] gooseduck balance $155, didn’t bet (folded) heyryn balance $296.50, didn’t bet (folded) DRAMA_Q balance $205, lost $12 (folded)
notchincorp balance $0, lost $9 [ 4c 4h ] [ a pair of fours — Ad,Qd,Jh,4c,4h ] Mona_Lot balance $98, lost $24 (folded)
glenda1960 balance $136, bet $30, collected $120, net +$90 [ 4d 3d ] [ a flush, ace high — Ad,Qd,4d,3d,2d ] jonkira balance $114, lost $9 (folded)
dsscanuck balance $67.50, didn’t bet (folded)
hdouble: “HAMMER!”
DRAMA_Q: preflop raise on 7-2?
hdouble: yep
hdouble: that’s the hammer
jonkira: lol
DRAMA_Q: love ya
jonkira: real imtimadation there
jonkira: lol
hdouble: you aren’t scared of the hammer?
jonkira: i had jacks, 4s
DRAMA_Q: of course i am . i folded my hand
hdouble: smart man

My precious… the diamondses bad beats the hammer… we has the hammer in our handses, and they STEALS it! Precious… we takes the h
ammer and crush them! Yeeeeeeeeesss! Crush them! Gollum! Gollum!

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