Sympathy of the Community

“The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community.”
–William James
Before I get started, I want to offer a HUGE thanks to everybody who left comments offering congratulations and wishing me luck. It really made my day to see all the support, and I’m really looking forward to getting started at Full Tilt Poker at the end of the month. I think I might actually have more time to post after I get started, but we’ll see. The last few weeks of work have been hectic, and I’m trying to finish off everything I started. I’ve also been busy with my side project, which will remain under wraps for the time being but will be revealed in the very near future. I’m very excited about the project and hopefully between that and the new job I’ll be able to maintain enough sanity to sneak in a blog post now and then.
I took a stroll through Iggy’s blogroll late last night, and I was completely blown away by the number of new poker bloggers that I had never heard of. Back in the day (about 3 months ago), I was able to keep up with just about all the poker blogs, although I often had to go back to certain bloggers on the weekends to catch up. I guess I’ve been wrapped up with work for the last few months, because I found myself poring through dozens of new blogs, drowning in post after post. It brought me back to the start of this blog, which was only 15 months ago in October of 2003. Back then the only poker blogs I knew about were A guy named Decker, a guinness drinker, and a female dealer at the Bellagio. There were some others out there, but these three were the only ones I’d come across.
I posted in a vacuum, and looking back at my early posts (cringe), I can tell. But with a lot of practice (I posted much more often back in those days), I felt like I was starting to use this blog to help explicitly understand how poker was affecting my life. Fast forward a year, and now I can’t even keep track of the new poker blogs that are popping up. I think it’s great that there are so many people writing about poker (and their relationship with the game), and I wish I could find an efficient way to keep up with all the blogs. I used to hear the term “poker blog community” all the time, but I guess I never really thought there were enough of us to call it a “community” until I wandered through all of those new poker blogs last night.
Speaking of “community,” Phil at StudioGlyphic has organized a blogger get together in our neck of the woods, conveniently scheduled to match the timing of the LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino. I can’t bear to sit and watch Felicia win another tournament, so I guess I will throw my hat in the ring and see if I can get lucky in the $300 NL tourney.
Anybody out there wishing to join is welcome– I’ll need some support after I bust out in the first level. Here’s the current list of people who will (probably) be there:
Bill Rini
The Film Geek
Felicia Lee
Poker Babe
I’ve also heard that some Jetsetting Heavy Metal Hippies may fly out for the weekend… Oh boy…
Ok, enough of this rambling. Time for a real post. It’s time for a movie…

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