Aces and Kings and Queens, Oh my!

Whew. WILD Thursday night at the $3-6 tables. After all was said and done, Poker Tracker tells me I ended up $27 after 5.86 hours. That’s not very many big bets per hour. But I think I played pretty well (although a little on the loose side), and a few terrible beats cut down on my winnings. The title of the blog refers to the unusual number of KK, QQ, and AK I held. You’d think I might be able to win a few pots with those, right? Ah but the fish were in school tonight…

Here’s a quick summary of what happened with these hands:
1. KK:-24 after 3 hearts flop, and I say hell with it, and bet into the two callers. Flop is J83h, and turn is 6, I bet and am called by 2 players all the way. One guy had JJ, another had 66, and I’m left with cowboys in my pocket. This was a dumb play anyway, so I deserved it.
2. KK:+76 on my biggest pot of the night, after highest card on the board is 9, and I’m called down by AK and 55. And you wonder why I can’t leave party.
3. KK:-6 when I go soft and and fold the winner after an ace flops. Winner took $39 after his J9 picked up a jack on the turn. There were 5 players seeing the flop, I figured one of them had the ace. I don’t think this is too bad of the play.

4. QQ:+6 when BB calls me and folds on my flop bet
5. QQ:+23 when maniac’s 96s flops a 6 and calls me to the river
6. QQ:+37 when the ladies hold up against maniac’s AK

7. AKo:+18 when an Ace hits on the river and the other caller folds.
8. AKo:+27 when I beat a maniac’s 22 when Ace hits on the turn
9. AKs:-33 on my favorite hand of the night. This one is great. Two maniacs behind me, I raise it up, and BB maniac reraises me. Maniac junior calls, and I cap it, knowing that these guys raise with anything. Flop is K 6 9 rainbow, and I’m sittin pretty. Maniac checks (?) and maniac junior bets out, and I’m not sure what to think, so I call, and maniac check raises. Maniac junior reraises, and I just call (ok I chickened out a little here, but I was playing 3 tables and wasn’t exactly thinking clearly). The turn is a 5, and all four suits on the board. This time they check to me, and I bet out, sure I’ve got the best hand (no check raise). The river is a 7, so the only thing I have to be worried about is a set, or the 78 for the straight. This is possible, and when maniac junior bets out, I just call, and maniac calls behind me. Maniac junior shows 76s for 2 pair on the river, and rakes the pot. Maniac had Q6 suited, and I had a bad beat story. Ye gads.
10. AKo:-9, I fold on the turn after the 3rd heart hits, and 789 is on the board.
11. AKo:-12 after the board is 777 and I bet out… I’m raised, and one player calls, so I fold. Turns out the raiser had AA and the other guy had 74. Ouch.
12. AKs:-6 when flop shows 3 clubs and 5 players are in.

Ironically, I won $121 at one table over 2 hours, and only held KK once (no QQ or AK). But in my 12 “top hands”, I ended up winning $97, even though only 6 of them held up. I guess 50% ain’t bad. But it shows you you’ve got to play more than the top hands– 380 hands means 38 orbits, so that’s $133 to the blinds. That doesn’t count the rake. Anyway, the point is my 12 top hands didn’t even pick up enough to cover the blinds. And I never held AA once.

3 tables is pretty crazy, and I don’t really like it… tough to get a read on players, and hard to determine if you made a good play or bad because you’re always moving on to another hand at another table. But it’s the most profitable thing (I think), because it’s mostly ABC, fit-or-fold poker, which doesn’t require much critical thought.

I asked Iggy (see his blog on the right, it’s one of the best) if the $15-30 games were really as juicy as they looked. He said they were, but he rightfully pointed out that collusion is very scary at that level. It’s so easy to cheat, and big money is involved, so it’s probably better to just go down to the B&M and SEE the players. Just for peace of mind alone it’s probably worth it, and the rake is very reasonable once you get up to that level. But man, oh man, those games look fun…

Amazon delivered Yardley’s “Education of a poker player” today, and I got through the first few pages. His style is a bit dry, and he seems to be a braggart, but there are some funny stories in there. My Dad told me he read this book when he was a kid, so I guess it goes way back. I’ll put up a review when I get through it.

Ok I’m running out of steam, but I’ll quickly put up my football picks in case anyone is interested.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
Total Points UNDER 39.5
–Should be low scoring game… two solid defenses, and the total is up because both teams have had big scoring games for the past two weeks. I think we’re looking at 17-10 Cinci.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee
Indianapolis, Spread +3.5 for Game -104

Indianapolis Colts at Tennesse
Indianapolis, Money Line for Game +164
–I hedged my bet here, but I think the Colts will take this one. I don’t like Volek starting for Tenn (please please don’t let McNair start!), and Indy has impressed me every time I’ve seen them. They will be hungry after a tough loss, and I think they want this game more.

St Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns
St Louis, Spread -4 for Game -108
–Not sure why the spread is only 4 here. The Rams O is looking like the offense of old… Faulk looks healthy for the first time in a looong time, and that’s dangerous for Cleveland, who is horrible against the run. I say Faulk goes for 150 in this game and Rams win big. I may double up my bet here depending how the Sunday games go.

Ok, that’s way more than enough blogging for today. I leave you with a classic Party battle between two clowns at my $3-6 table. It was so good it distracted me from the other 2 games. I missed the first couple barbs, but needless to say it was started by a bad beat. Enjoy.

norookie2: fag
mitdata: ohhh
mitdata: what are you 10
norookie2: with your little needle XXXX
mitdata: what is your problem – why don’t you come over and suck a juicy fart out of my ass
norookie2: speaking of mature
mitdata: my girlfriend does it all the time
norookie2: she blind?
mitdata: no a model
norookie2: yeah…a plastic doll?
mitdata: I bet your some fat ass aren’t you
norookie2: or are they rubber?
mitdata: What is like being an ugly ass person
norookie2: little mit bookworm loser….
mitdata: rich too
norookie2: that’s why U’r playing 3/6?
norookie2: loser?
norookie2: rich guys play 30/60
mitdata: yea, why not people like you are easy pickens
norookie2: nh bud
mitdata: was better than yours
norookie2: long as u beat needle d i c k
mitdata: I hung in there hoping you would bet
norookie2: idiot
mitdata: I knew my pair of two would be your hand
vincecb: caty
norookie2: be?
norookie2: “-B
mitdata: ‘nh
norookie2: lol
norookie2: nh
norookie2: 59 and counting
norookie2: backwards
mitdata: only thousands where that comes from
norookie2: pathetic liar
mitdata: not at all
mitdata: why would I lie to someone as low as you
mitdata: this is play money while I wait on the next tournament to start
norookie2: which one? I’ll beat your ass there too
mitdata: what makes you think that, you have not won any hands on this table
mitdata: thought maybe you matured over the last few hands – but your still an ass
mitdata: wow
mitdata: you can’t complain about losing to a hand like that
mitdata: nh vince
vincecb: thanks
mitdata: hilarious – roookie you are down nearly 100 since you started mouthing
norookie2: and you?
norookie2: more
norookie2: I saw your buyin
mitdata: down $16 on this table
mitdata: make sure you save $55 to donate to the tourney
mitdata: hey rookie
mitdata: you have a nice Thanksgiving
norookie2: thanks……but I’m no yankee
mitdata: Oh you have to be a yankee to celebrate thanksgiving – real nice
norookie2: we’ve had ours already
norookie2: ahead of you as per usual
mitdata: yea, I am convinced you must be really ugly
mitdata: I bet he piples on my ass look better than you
norookie2: I’m happy for ya….
norookie2: a delusional state
mitdata: don’t see you in the tourny yet, maybe be will get on the same table
norookie2: crazy people have no worries
norookie2: guess you’re blind AND dumb
mitdata: by the way, have you always walked around with a di ck hanging off your forehead
norookie2: oh how clever!
norookie2: take you long to figure that one out?
mitdata: No I am serious, just wondering why you are so angry
mitdata: you get screwed over in life or what
norookie2: who says I’m angry
norookie2: I just hate whiners like you
norookie2: think you’re the only one supposed to win
mitdata: just the fact you use the word hate
mitdata: at a 10 person table
norookie2: he’s notva
norookie2: he’s not allowed?
mitdata: you were lucky enough to not be at the table at the time
mitdata: what do you mean he is not allowed
norookie2: it’s called a rush…and if you play enough holdem you’ll see them once in a while
mitdata: not shiit
mitdata: no
mitdata: XXXX your not on my table
norookie2: your?
norookie2: how about you’re
mitdata: your what
norookie2: speak English much?
norookie2: why u locking up a seat?
mitdata: to bother you
norookie2: people wanna play here
mitdata: I guess I will go – hope you have a nice day
norookie2: you’re selfish too
mitdata: not at all – donate more in a year to charity then you can even think about making – I would not call that selfish
mitdata: see you – merry christmas
norookie2: right

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