How I learned to stop worrying and love slowplaying aces

oooooooooooooofff… the Rams nearly killed me tonight, I had doubled up my bet and given away 5 points to the lowly browns. Thank you Tim Couch and Aeneas Williams! St. Louis won by 6, saving me from a big hit in the sportsbook. Bulger played terribly, and the Rams D won it for them. The Browns played their usual horrible game, and Kelly Holcomb’s interceptions were quite enjoyable.

I think this is the first day I’ve posted twice– I can’t stop blogging!

After a couple short sessions, I ended up winning… $1 whole dollar! But it feels like a win, since I just came off a $174 win in a 36 minute session on the $5-10 short handed tables (Grubby thanks for drawing my attention to these babies). There were a couple maniacs there, and I managed to hit a couple big hands. After dropping $170 at the $3-6 games in a matter of less than in hour, it was nice to finally hit a couple hands on the shorthanded table. I didn’t have my A game at the $3-6ers, I was busy watching the Rams game and trying to stay awake. Bad news.

The idea of going to bed with a loss that big forced me to focus, and I actually played pretty well shorthanded. The tide turned when I took a gamble slowplaying Aces in the BB… here’s what happened:
5 players at the table, first two fold, 3rd player raises. 2nd player calls, and I don’t want to define my hand (using Abdul’s logic). Flop is 7c Kd Tc, sb bets, I raise, and am reraised, called, I cap it, 3 players in. Turn is 6d, and I’m hoping we’ve got AK and not KK, and I’m guessing there’s a flush draw out there. SB bets out, I raise, and 2 callers. Turn is 4d, and I bet out and get two callers: SB shows KQo, caller shows JTc… dodged a bullet! $118 profit.

I managed to make a couple good calls with middle pair, and was getting some good cards… I was playing far tighter than the rest of the table, so was able to take a couple pots with the bluff checkraise or bet-reraise on the flop. With 6 players at the table, it’s easy to tell who’s playing tight and who isn’t, so you can actually use your table image to bluff (unlike at the $3-6 level).

I don’t even want to talk about the horrible play on the $3-6 tables. Maybe I should get away from them… my stats are much much better for $5-10… I’m averaging 2.59 BB/100 hands at $5-10, and only .78 at $3-6! A lot of this is because many of these $3-6 hands were played 3 at a time, and it includes a lot of early sessions back when I was not a very good player. For me, I know that adding a 3rd table probably costs me at least 1 BB per hour per table, probably more than that. Maybe I’ll stick to $5-10.

TJ Cloutier said you’ve gotta gamble at a limit where it hurts to lose– seeing that $20 checkraise in $5-10 makes me FEEL that call, whereas $6 more just don’t hurt as much. I’ve gotta do an analysis to find the breakeven point for 3 tables $3-6 and 2 tables $5-10. The annoying thing is that it takes forever to find a $5-10 game on Party these days. Can they please open up some more tables??? Buy some more servers! I couldn’t even get in a $30 SNG… it’s harder to get in one of those things than to actually win the tourney.

MrsDouble is watching the previews for the next “Average Joe”… this whole reality TV stuff cracks me up. The ideas for the shows sound great– Joe Millionaire and Average Joe have a sort of vicious mockery of society, which attracted me. But then you see the people on the show and they are so boring that it always ends up being anticlimactic.

WOAH! Just saw a preview for next week’s “Las Vegas” on NBC. This is a direct quote from the promo:
(man in macho voice) “Meet poker players that will KILL to win!”

Ye Gads. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? Can’t anybody out there write a sitcom or drama with some backbone? Or just WRITE a sitcom period? I guess before I can complain I would have to get cable. Is it possible to be on tilt in blog writing?

I saw somewhere (I forget where) that Phil Hellmuth is optioning the rights to his life story to someone? Can you imagine a sitcom about Hellmuth? I would give up my whole bankroll to see a season of that…

Hellmuth: “Here’s your toast honey… just like you like it.”

Mrs. Hellmuth: (looking at toast)

Hellmuth: “Come on honey… I’m really rooting for you to eat it…”

Mrs. Hellmuth: “Phil I told you I hate white toast.”

Hellmuth: “That’s funny, because I READ YOUR MIND and I know you’re lying. You love white toast.”

Mrs. Hellmuth: (Stands up and waves to neighbor outside)

Hellmuth: “Have some class honey. Eat my toast, don’t do the wave in my face!”

(fade to commercial)

Can you tell I’m a little tired? If you didn’t see the WPT episode where Hellmuth faces off against a magician, you won’t get that dialogue. Not that it’s funny anyway.

May your slowplayed Aces hold up.

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