How Tom Brady broke my heart, and the Grublog Classic

If I hadn’t downed a tasty mixture of Guinness and Coors Light, I don’t know if I could have swallowed Brady’s interception in the red zone yesterday. With the Pats up by 5, and Adam V practically on the field to put them up by 8 (I took the Pats and gave 6.5), I was thinking of what tourney I could buy into with my winnings… But Brady, the rock, the quarterback who NEVER makes big mistakes, pulled a Favre and threw the ball up for grabs in the red zone. For a guy who plays smart, this was probably the dumbest play he’s ever made, in the biggest game.

And then the Pats give up an 85 yard bomb to Muhsin Muhammed, who runs a slower 40 than HDouble. Stud safety Rodney Harrison’s (who was hurt on an earlier play) backup played undisciplined in the zone coverage, and it nearly cost the Pats the game.

From the betting perspective, it was a heartbreaker. From being up a sure 8 points, to Brady’s INT, leading up to the Pats improbable 2 point conversion to put them up 7. It was mayhem in HDouble’s abode after that 2 point conversion, only to be followed by a Hellmuthian temper tantrum when the Panthers came back.

Point spreads aside, it was a great game, although both teams were sloppy. Very sloppy. The Pats special teams were awful, and Carolina picked up penalty after penalty. For super bowl teams who thrive on playing smart, it was an unimpressive performance. But what a game. The Pats showed their character, making the big plays when they needed to, while the Panthers dropped big passes and didn’t step up their game. Except for Jake D– he made me eat my words, playing a superb game. No interceptions, and his passes were on the money all game long.

I didn’t even want to talk about this, but Scott’s rant was too good to leave out:

“It was a boob, and a damn unsightly one at that, from a woman who is circling the drain and knows it, exposed by a talentless jackass who’s circling the drain and knows it, produced by a brainless cable show that is circling the drain and knows it, and broadcast globally on a leaderless over-the-air network that is circling the drain and knows it.

Anyone shocked or surprised or delighted or enlightened or titillated by this hasn’t been paying attention for the last decade. I don’t want to have to tell you people this again.”

Well said my man.

Grublog Poker Classic
Luckily for me, I didn’t have time to wallow in my sportsbook sorrows, as I discovered that the Grubster had taken the plunge and finally gotten a venue for the blogger tourney:

Date: Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004
Time: 2100 ET (9 p.m.) Tournament Format: No-limit Texas Hold’em Location: ChoicePoker Buy-in: $20 + $2 Prize Pool: $1,000,000 (if 50,000 bloggers enter)

That’s right folks, set your calendars… HDouble is signed up for Choice Poker, a ghost town of a poker room, with a colorful interface. TFG seemed to like the color scheme:

“Looks a bit like the UB client, except uglier in a 1979 Burger King kind of way.”

I’ll take a Whopper and an SNG victory… To Go! When I logged on at 4 pm Pacific, there were only 7 players on the $1/2 table, and I think I saw a dust bunny roll across the screen. But they do have heads-up games, so if anyone wants to take my money take their chances against HD, email me and we’ll set it up.

I actually got to play a little
I wanted to make it to the 7:15 Limit Tourney at Hollywood Park tonight, but after a brutal day dealing with the INS (Mrs. Double is Swedish, and we spent the afternoon talking to a wonderful Immigration officer), I couldn’t muster up the energy to fight through the downpours and LA traffic (rain and LA drivers do not mix), and ended up playin in the $30 NL tourney on Party, along with 941 other people. I actually feel bad about this, because live tourneys are about 10 times more exciting than online tourneys, but sitting in traffic for an hour put me back in front of the comp.

321st out of 941… after making several mistakes early, but catching some big hands, I found myself with a decent sized stack with 321 players remaining. I get AQo in middle position, and test the waters with a decent sized raise. I throw in 500 (blinds are at 150) of my 2500 chips, am raised to 1500 all-in in late position, and reraised 2500 all in by the big blind. I think, and think, and think, and I do the gollum routine “Nooooooo, AK or KK, you’re a LOSER! Yessss, you’re committed, and you have 2 overcards!” I take my odds and my chances, hoping that I’ve got 2 overcards, I push all in, trying to triple up. The flop is 3 Q 8, with no flush… the turn an Ace, and I’m reaching for the 6K pot. The river is a ten… and middle position shows KK, and Big Blind? You guessed it, TT for the set on the river.

Well, I guess I was a big dog preflop, so there you have it. Another river casualty. First prize? $6200.

I need to play a couple limit tourneys before Grubby gets here on Friday so I can win a last-longest bet between me, Grubette, and Mr. Pokergrub himself. The Grubster is coming off a huge multi-table tourney victory, and I hope he continues rolling… all the way to second place this weekend.

Poker Blog Patrol
Well, the Penguin won the third hammer challenge, which should have been mine (see previous post). Penguin gets my respect for demanding a response, yelling HAMMER! not once, but two times in chat. Alas, the table was left speechless.

Lots of buzz about the Poker Blog tourney. I think my buddy Pauly may need to lay off the wacky tobacky– he actually listed me as the favorite in the Blogger tournament. Surely he couldn’t have been sober when he posted these odds:

HDouble 3-1
The Penguin 4-1
Iggy 9-2
Grubby 5-1
London Froggy 8-1
Pauly 10-1

Thanks for the compliment Pauly, but I definitely am not the best NL player of the bunch. Iggy’s been playing NL since before I was driving, and Grubby and The Penguin have been dominating the Multis lately. Not to mention Lord Gorbachev, who just tore it up in Vegas. And if Felicia jumps in, we’re all in trouble– the woman plays NL tourneys every night, and is a proven winner. But can she adjust her B&M game to online play? I’m hoping the answer is no… and if Royal joins, I fall even further down the list. With that many skilled players in the game, the SNG is pretty much a crapshoot. Short term luck always wins, and even Lederer would be something of a long shot in a SNG with such amazing talent. I’m serious, I think.

The king of Poker News informs us that the WSOP is going to be a 7 day affair. Ye gads. If I plan on going, that means 5 precious vacation days sacrificed, just to sit on the rail.

And last but not least, my favorite non-poker content comes from the infamous Boy Genius, who refuses to pull punches. BG takes us through his day, beginning with the agony of Valentine’s day. He also answers the question, “What’s in your wallet?”, with a post revealing what the Genius carries in his back pocket. My favorite journey, however, is the no-holds-barred account of my least favorite activity… yep, underwear shopping:

“My ‘bad’ underwear was outlet mall irregular stuff, and it

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