When your bankroll gets kicked in the nuts

Dropped $300 in about 45 minutes of $5-10 shorthanded Party play last night. Just painful. These two clowns at my table were catching EVERYTHING. My top pair, good kicker was wiped out about 10 different hands as I watched my stack help build theirs. Grubby says that he gets competitive and won’t quit until he gets his money back from the lucky opponent. I definitely played this way last night, but these guys were catching everything. Not fun.

I was tired and I think you need to have energy to get revenge, so I hopped on a $15-30 table, resolving to play until I won or lost 1 big pot. I ended up playing 3 orbits… and losing $5. A bit sad that I don’t even get much adrenaline anymore, even at teh $15-30 level. I think knowing the odds makes gambling somewhat less exciting. Anyway, I only played 4 of the 30 hands I think… I won 2 pots with semi-bluffs… I called a blind-steal raise (SB raised my BB) with Q9o and checked through the flop. The turn gave me a 4 straight, and I bet out and was called. The river was a rag, and I bet– I was psyched when he folded, but I collected only 2.5 big bets ($75) on this hand. The guy seemed like a decent player, which meant that my river bluff had a decent chance of succeeding. Pretty tough to call there with Ace high…

Anyway, on my final hand I get TT UTG. I raise to “limit the field” (see Iggy’s blog for more on this), and it actually works… a short stack in middle position reraises, however, which knocks out everybody else. He’s got $20 left in front of him, so I raise it up to roll the dice against whatever hand he has. I want to be all in since he’s going to bet the flop anyway. He puts his last $5 in on the flop, and I call… the flop has a K, and I’m putting him on AK, but when another K comes on the turn I like my chances. But no help to my tens, and sure enough he’s got AK suited. Well, I had a slight advantage preflop, but I’ll take this beat… had I won that hand I would have been up $130 or so on the table, but instead ended up down $5. Ah well.

Some good Blogging goin on out there. Finally got to the infamous Decker‘s site. Lots of material here, Decker doesn’t miss a day. Also, the poker penguin offers some great theory on multi-table tournaments. The Fat Guy offers diatribes on everything under the sun, even Robbie Fulks.

So it looks like this Blogger poker game is gaining some momentum… it looks like everybody wants to play a NL SNG (damn, I voted for limit ring game!), so I guess I’ll have to reread my Doyle. I’ve put up a new poll, please vote!

Limit Ring 1
NL Ring 1
Limit SNG 1

Check out McGrupp‘s meeting with Phil Hellmuth in Vegas. Here’s my tale of my only brush with poker royalty:

My buddy and I went to the Bicycle casino in LA to see the WPT event being held there a couple months ago. We got there about an hour after the tourney started, and the seats were all taken, so we were stuck watching on closed circuit TV in the room adjacent to the WPT set. Anyway, after about an hour this old floorman comes by, and we start chit-chattin. He says that they’re playing 3,000-6,000 Hold ‘Em out there on the floor. These numbers are staggering, and we immediately take off to see who the hell could be playing in a game with stakes this high.

So we take a stroll out there, and finally come to the “big” table. There are about 2 people watching, and as we get closer, I recognize Jennifer Harman. “Wow, must be a big game” I was thinking, when I saw Johnny Chan sitting across from her. My eyes continued around the table, finally landing on a Jabba-the-hut like presence in seat 3. Yep, big old Doyle, wearing a Paradise poker hat. What a monster table. I think I recognized Mickey Appleman in seat 1. As I watched them play their HORSE game, I wondered why anyone would play at this table. One of the guys I didn’t recognize must have been a sucker… otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. 5 minutes later Gus Hansen takes the empty seat. WOW. We stood their in awe for a couple minutes, until half the table got up to take a smoke break. Doyle didn’t move though, and I felt like I had to say something to the legend.

“Doyle, you scared em off” was the only thing I could come up with. He smiled and nodded his head. Oh well.

More recent celeb sightings:
1. Ben Stein at lunch yesterday in Beverly Hills. Work lunch with the marketing guys, they took us to some fancy place that served “filet mignon tacos”. I got the cheeseburger. I had to resist the temptation to go up to him and say “I want to win your money!”.
2. Hank Azaria walking out of the Beverly Center movies on Saturday while I was walking in. 2 minutes after that, I saw a preview for a movie he was in.

Pic of the day:
An eyeful

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